Patient Education

The Ventura County Rx Abuse & Heroin Workgroup collaborates with local partners to increase community awareness of the risks of opioid misuse and engage support for safe and secure disposal. 


Patients, family members and prescribers all benefit from the WE CHECK policy and messaging starting at the clinic door. Eye-catching decals remind the public that health and safety increase when prescription histories are verified.

“Not only is there lower drug-seeking behavior, but patients express appreciation for the care taken.”
– Clinic Staff After “WE CHECK” Launch

INFORMING THE COMMUNITY: Plane of Pills Media Event 2016

To earn media attention and spread the word about the epidemic of painkiller overdoses, the Ventura County Rx Abuse & Heroin Workgroup hosted a press event to unveil the Plane of Pills campaign. Featuring concerns by the CA Department of Justice and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, resulting stories in local papers, radio and social media increased awareness of the enormity of the painkiller overdose problem.


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