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Child-resistant doesn’t mean child-proof. Secure your prescription and over-the-counter medications, including medical cannabis, out-of-reach from young children as well as teens. Child-resistant packaging helps but is no guarantee of safety.

  • Properly dispose of expired and unused medications
  • Use special care with medications that look like candy
  • Call your local Police Department for safe, confidential drop-off bins




In Ventura County in 2016, 9% of 9th graders, 16% of 11th graders
said they used Rx painkillers, tranquilizers or sedatives to get “high.”

Most teenagers who abuse prescription drugs are given them for free by a friend or relative.

Don’t make it easy. Lock up your meds.

  • Keep track of pill quantities
  • Properly dispose of unused medications
  • Block access to online pharmacies and drug sources
  • Participate in county prescription drug take-back days
  • Learn the facts on Rx drug abuse
  • Talk about it 

How Are Prescription Drugs Abused?

  • Taking medication that has been prescribed for somebody else.
  • Taking a drug in a way other than prescribed.
  • Taking a medication to get high.

How can you keep your home safe?
Start with creating a routine for keeping your family medications secure and safe from children.

  • Get involved in your community Prescription Drug Take-Back Days.
  • Use the Ventura County’s Prescription Drug Disposal Program
  • Consider buying a home Medicine Lock Box to secure your medications. Using a medicine lock box or locking cap can help keep your medication secure.


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“When you put away your valuables, put away any prescription drugs.” An open house can be the perfect opportunity for people to steal prescription medication. They will pose as homebuyers, often in pairs. One will ask to use the restroom while the other distracts the Realtor, then raid the medicine cabinet or drawers. If you are having an open house, make sure medications are properly secured.

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